About This Blog

This blog is about the algorithms which drive machine learning and other core aspects of machine intelligence: pattern recognition, optimization, regression, classification, clustering and cognition.

It is about diversity. It is about synthesis. It is about computational complexity. It is about application and mis-application. It is about technical, social and ethical challenges. Above all it is about the improbable pursuit of the ultimate general-purpose learning algorithm.

It is about these things because this is what fascinates me. Unavoidably, other topics may creep in.

The style and genre of the articles herein can be described as falling into the interval: [musings,hard science). If you take issue with anything you read here, it’s probably just a musing. If you like it alot, it’s science and I stand by it.

About The Author

375800_10151040076831326_1761833409_nDr. Justin Washtell is CTO and co-founder of predictive analytics start-up ForecastThis.com

He obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds, where he also earned an MSc in Multidisciplinary Informatics and a BSc in Environmental Biogeoscience.

Justin’s PhD research can loosely be described as relating to the field of Artificial Intelligence. It could also be described as relating to the sub-field of Statistical Semantics, but that inevitably invites questions to which the eventual answer is “You know, Artificial Intelligence”.

In the trifling free time he has left outside of work (enforced by his life partner Sally), Justin brews and drinks strong Belgian-style beers and occasionally creates awesome useless things for their own sake. He has a deep love of small English woodlands and the footpaths that connect them.

Justin wrote this page in the third person because he felt it would lend it extra authority.

The views expressed in this blog represent the changing views of the author and are not necessarily shared or endorsed by any organization with which he associates.


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